What is a DCP?

    A Development Control Plan (DCP) provides detailed planning and design guidelines for all types of development across the Shire. All Local Councils across NSW have adopted Development Control Plans (DCP) to suit local conditions.

    The proposed DCP Chapters complement the Bellingen Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2010, which is the main planning instrument applying to development in Bellingen Shire. LEPs set out zoning and permissible land uses, as well as other planning objectives and controls, including but not limited to: height limits, minimum lot size for subdivision, heritage listings, biodiversity protection and flood planning. A link to the current Bellingen LEP 2010 is provided to the right. This project does not propose any changes to the LEP.

    Who uses the DCP and how?

    Planning consultants, building designers, architects, draftspeople and any person proposing development that requires DA approval are required to design developments that comply with Council's DCP objectives and controls. When a Development Application is submitted to Council, the proposal is assessed for its compliance with relevant Development Control Plan chapters. Anybody preparing a development application to Council should refer to the DCP for Council's expectations and design guidance.