When will level 1 water restrictions occur?

    Level 1 water restrictions will be implemented when the flow in the Bellinger River reaches 47 ML/day, and/or when flows in the Bielsdown River reach 20 ML/day.  

    On August 24th the flow in the Bellinger River was 72 ML/Day and the Bielsdown River was 70 ML/day.  In the Bellinger, flows are falling approximately 2ML/day which means if there is no rain, water restrictions could be applied as early as 5th September 2017.

    What are level 1 water restrictions

    • When level 1 water restrictions are applied sprinklers and soaker hoses will be banned except for newly laid turf, in which case 1 sprinkler is allowed to be used in the specified hours.

    • Hours of hand watering will be 1 hour every second day between the hours of 4.00pm and 9.00am on alternate days, odd and even numbered days matching house numbers.

    • Vehicles must be washed with a trigger hose or pressure cleaner on a grassed area.